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英文名言,乔布斯名言 中英文
文章类型:名人名言     文章来源:天诺时空
乔布斯名言 中英文

1, "a leader and a follower innovation distinguishes between."

2, "become a prominent pronoun, some people aren't used to an environment quality."

3, "the only way to accomplish something weiye is deeply love own enterprise. If you haven't been able to find let oneself love career, continue to search, don't give up. Follow your heart, someday you'll find it."

4, "not everyone needs grew their own food, also not everyone needs doing their own wear clothes, we speak the language, use the others invention of mathematical invention others... we have been using someone else's results. Use human existing Experience and knowledge to make inventions is a very great things. "

5, "there's a phrase in Buddhism, 'beginner's mind. have a beginner's mind is a wonderful thing."

6, "we think watching TV, when people's brains basic stop work on your computer when you want to turn your brain."

7, "I am the only one I know in a year of lost $250 million person... this to my grow very helpful."

8, "I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates."

9, "alive is to change the world, is there any other reason?"

10, "your time is limited, so don't lived for others. Don't be trapped by dogma place is restricted, not live in other people's ideas. Don't let other people's opinions of her inner voice. Most importantly, brave to follow his heart and intuition, only his heart and intuition to know your own real thoughts, all the others are secondary."


Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.
但凡人能想象到的事物,必定有人能将它实现。 —— Jules Verne 凡尔纳

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
早睡早起使人健康、富裕又聪明。—— Benjamin Franklin 富兰克林

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
手中的一只鸟胜于林中的两只鸟。—— Heywood 希伍德

One swallow does not make a summer.
一燕不成夏。—— Taverner 泰维纳

A man may lead a horse to the water, but he cannot make it drink.
一个人可以把马带到河边,但他不能令它饮水。 —— Heywood 希伍德

One cannot eat one’s cake and have it.
一个人不能把他的糕饼吃掉之后还留在手上。 —— Davies 戴维斯

Time is money.
时间就是金钱。—— Benjamin Franklin富兰克林

Time and tide wait for no man.
时间不等人。—— Scott 斯科特

There is no rose without a thorn.
没有玫瑰花是不长刺的。—— Ray 雷

Lookers-on see most of the game.
旁观者清。—— Smedley 斯密莱

Beggars cannot be choosers.
行乞者不得有选择。—— Heywood 希伍德

First catch your hare.
首先必须捕获兔子,然后才能宰之。—— Thackeray 萨克雷

Victory won’t come to me unless I go to it.
胜利是不会向我走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。—— M. Moore 穆尔

A great man is always willing to be little.
伟大的人物总是愿意当小人物的。—— R. W. Emerson 爱默生

Cowards die many times before their deaths.
懦夫在未死之前,已身历多次死亡的恐怖了。 —— Julius Caesar 凯撒

Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.
生活只是由一系列下决心的努力所构成。—— T. Fuller 富勒

Goals determine what you are going to be.
目标决定你将成为为什么样的人。—— Julius Erving欧文

All human wisdom is summed up in two words ?C wait and hope.
人类所有的智慧可以归结为两个词 — 等待和希望。—— Alexandre Dumas Pére大仲马(法国作家)

It is not enough to be industrious, so are the ants. What are you industrious for?
光勤劳是不够的,蚂蚁也是勤劳的。要看你为什么而勤劳。—— H. D. Thoreau梭罗

You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success.
人必须相信自己,这是成功的秘诀。—— Charles Chaplin卓别林

All for one, one for all.
人人为我,我为人人。—— [法] Dumas pére大仲马

Other men live to eat, while I eat to live.
别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。—— Socrates 苏格拉底

Easy come, easy go.
易得者亦易失。 —— Hazlitt赫斯特

Love rules his kingdom without a sword.
爱,统治了他的王国,不用一枝利剑。—— Herbert 赫伯特

We soon believe what we desire.
我们欲望中的东西,我们很快就信以为真。—— Chaucer乔叟

The darkest hour is that before the dawn.
黎明前的时分是最黑暗的。—— Fuller 富勒

The longest day has an end.
最难过的日子也有尽头。—— Howell 贺韦尔

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.
生活而无目标,犹如航海之无指南针。—— J. Ruskin 鲁斯金


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